Sahana FOSS Disaster Management System

•May 23, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Sahana is a collection of web based disaster management applications that provides solutions to large-scale humanitarian coordination and collaboration in disaster situation and its aftermath. Sahana consists of several modules for following functionalities:

  • Missing Person Registry – Helps to report and search missing person.
  • Disaster Victim Registry – Traces internally displaced people (IDPs) and their needs.
  • Organization Registry – Lists ‘who is doing what & where’. Allows relief agencies to self organize the activities rendering fine coordination among them.
  • Request/Aid Management – Tracks requests for aid and matches them against donars who have pledged aid.
  • Camp Registry – Tracks the location, distibution, capacity and breakdown of victims in shelter.
  • Inventory Management – Effectively and efficiently manage relief aid, enables transfer of inventory items to different inventories and notify when items are required to refill.
  • Aid Catalog – Captures information on different catalogues and measurement units. These information are being used in systems such as Inventory Management System and Request Management System.
  • Synchronization – Allows data exchange between instances of Sahana by synchronization.